How to Avoid Water Heater Disasters!

How to Avoid Water Heater Disasters!

Few things get better with age and water heaters are not one of them. Serious problems can occur with aging water heaters. Here is how to avoid water heater disasters. In Phoenix, Arizona, a gas water heater typically last for 10 years and electric ones will normally last up to 15 years.

Keep an eye on old water heaters

It's best to keep a good eye on those old water heaters. You never know when it will cause a serious disaster in your home. Here are some questions to ask yourselfDoes hot water look brown?
  1. Does your water get hot?
  2. Does the water get as hot as it used to?
  3. Does the water take longer than usual to get hot?
  4. Do you hear strange sounds when using hot water?
  5. Do you see any leaks or wet spots near or around water heater?
  6. Does hot water smell different?

Why should I buy a new water heater?

  • Heating water can use up to 25% less energy
  • You could save up to $800 on energy
  • Avoid costly repairs caused by failure

Hot Water Heater Replacement

If your existing water heater is end of life or you’re just ready to switch to a more energy efficient model, you can count on Stellar Home Services of Arizona to professionally replace your water heater. Call or fill out the contact form on the right to reach us and time. We'll be professional and friendly to help you make the best choice involving your water heater replacement. We carry the best conventional tank-style for the best price guaranteed to ensure you'll never run out of hot water.  
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